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Related post: This story is in no way meant to imply anything about the actual top 100 pics bbs web bbs naked sexuality of any of the people mentioned. It is a work of fiction, but one can always hope!The Quarterback ClubOne of the best-kept secrets in sports is the semi-annual gathering of guys who lead their football teams. Among the privileged few who attend bbs pics porn these events, it's called the Quarterback Club. Except for a very few outsiders, it consists entirely of current, past and about-to-be NFL quarterbacks. It has existed for more than 15 nude art bbs list years, with some charter members still attending. And it topsites bbs ukraine includes several men who have yet to officially join the ranks of the pros. The men who belong are sworn to secrecy, and invitations are extended to non-members only by the agreement of others.The most recent gathering of the Q Club was in Pittsburgh. Host Mike Tomczak bbs forbidden extrem had planned a great weekend for his guests, with all the great food and drink they could possibly want. But the real reason Q Club members attended was to be with their friends. The stress of leading a football team is real, and the quarterback gets both credit and blame for however the team performs. These ls teen bbs get-togethers are a great way for the men sun bbs offhost to sven image bbs dark photo bbs be with others who understand the nature of their jobs and who can offer support and guidance when things are not petite little cp bbs going well.Finally, the Q Club is an outlet for the men to be with each other on a more intimate basis. Weekends have historically been one huge gay orgy. Some guys have undressed shortly after their arrival Teen bbs and then worn no clothes for the rest of the weekend. The sight of bbs ukranian 15-25 handsome men japan bbs sites in their prime is awesome, especially so when they are getting it on with each other in ways most of the public would be shocked and scandalized.As Mike Tomczak checked the final details with the caterers, he could see the first car appear in front of his house. He reminded the supervisor russian teen bbs of the catering company of the rules naturiste bbs -- confidentiality lolkaz bbs and no mixing with the guests, then left to greet his guests. Dressed only in a pair of gym trunks, white socks and his Nike's, Mike's gorgeous body was on display for all to see. At 35, Mike was one of the older QB's still in the NFL, but age had only made him more handsome. A well-defined physique, a handsome face, great legs, large erect nipples, nice body hair, and a cock of legendary proportions complimented his tall frame. He had first joined the Q Club as a rookie out of Ohio State with the Chicago Bears. That first year had been an eye-opener for Mike, but he and first-year Bear QB Doug Flutie became fast friends, and were soon having sex on a regular basis. It was this relationship that caused Q Club member John Elway to invite them to their first Q Club gathering. That was more than 10 years ago, and Mike had attended every weekend since then. pedo porno bbs In fact, very few guys ever missed a weekend.As the doorbell rang, Mike ran to open the door. There stood two of the younger guys, Danny Wuerffel and Ryan Leaf. Both were attending their second weekend with the other bbs little sexy models guys, and both were horny as hell. private teens bbs bbs 11 y o The sight of Mike Tomczak standing in the open door bbs innocent teen immediately gave Danny a boner, and Ryan was also smitten with Mike's beauty. The three men embraced, then went into the house. Mike showed them around then left when the teen bbs top 50 doorbell rang again. He opened the door to find two amateur masturbation bbs more hunks: Steve Young panty nude bbs and Troy Aikman. They had flown in on the same plane and made a beeline to Mike's house. Right behind them was Peyton Manning, who ran up the driveway to join his ls magazine news bbs friends.By late afternoon, most guys had arrived, and the party was child bbs gallery in full swing. Unlike most of the others who had hosted these events, Mike did not like loud music, so the only sounds to be heard were from the guys themselves -- lots of loud talking, football conversation, laughing, and shouting, as well as sounds of guys making out. The kissing and embracing had gotten pretty heavy, and there were more than a few who had gone off to be alone with a special friend. As the host, Mike knew his job was to make sure everyone was having a good little pearl model bbs time, but it was hard not to participate in the fun. He had checked most antiques bbs of the rooms, finding hxxp bbs girl two or more guys in each, going at bbs boylovers it with energy. When he opened the door to the study, he found John Elway on his knees, deepthroating Kenny Anderson's long cock. It had been quite a while since Mike had made it with Kenny, and he paused to admire the older man's hard, hairy body. He remembered jacking off to fantasies of Ken when he was a teenager, imaging what it would be like to have sex with a big NFL star. Amazingly to Mike, that had actually come true, and tears came to his eyes as he thought about all the guys he had gotten to be friends with over the years.Mike entered the room and shut the door. Kenny and John looked little bbs young up, and Kenny spoke to Mike. "Hey, Mike, I was hoping you'd join us. Get over here and give a kiss." Mike wasted no time, and quickly walked to Kenny's side, leaned forward, and opened his mouth. Kenny covered Mike's mouth with his own, then thrust his tongue deep young nudes bbs url into Mike's mouth. As Kenny and Mike kissed, John pulled his mouth off Kenny's cock, slobber dripping from his chin to his hairy chest. He ran his hands over Mike's gorgeous legs, then quickly pulled down his gym shorts, bbs porn kid freeing Mike's throbbing erection.Tomczak groaned as Elway deepthroated all 9 thick inches. With John's mouth on his dick and Kenny's tongue slobbering all over his face, Mike was in heaven. He hacked xxx bbs spread his hairy jock legs wide, and John immediately moved a hand to Mike's sweaty crack. John forum ls elwebbs loved to suck cock, but he was truly an ass man. He loved to finger, eat and fuck another stud's ass, and he knew young teen bbs 100 from experience that Mike's ass was one of the sun bbs ls rompl hottest. bbs ls dark collection While he continued to deepthroat his buddy's hardon, John found Mike's tpg bbs forum pucker and inserted two fingers. Hearing Mike groan in pleasure, John moved on to three fingers, feeling Mike's legs start to give as he angels sex bbs punched the handsome stud's prostate. Above him, John could see bbs cyper porn Kenny eating Mike's hairy pits and pulling on his sensitive bbs lilita nipples. He knew Mike was almost over the edge now, and he decided to finish the deed. He illegal bbs kds dove back down on Tomczak's cock, then pulled off and fisted the huge piece of meat as he continued to finger fuck his butt. Mike screamed that he was cumming, sweet boys bbs then his cock let loose with a massive spray of jock juice, hosing John's face and hair, then his chest and hand with shot after shot of pretten bbs his load.This got Kenny going, and the hairy stud fisted kds bbs sex his cock as he chewed on Mike's nipples. As Mike finished shooting, John moved to Kenny's hairy balls, licking teen flats bbs and sucking on the large orbs. ls bikini teens bbs It only took a few seconds for Kenny to blast several shots on himself and porn little teen bbs on Mike, the two hunks kissing as John finished pulling Kenny off. Mike and Kenny were gasping from the sexual heat of the moment, but as soon as they came down from the high, they set to work on John. bbs ls magazines As Mike raised John's arms and buried his face in Elway's raunchy pits, Kenny dropped to his knees elwebbs topkds and spread John's ass cheeks, then went to work on his hairy crack, enjoying the musky taste of the tall jock's dorki rompl bbs most private areas.Elway was moaning loudly. It was hot enough to have Kenny Anderson eating his ass, but litle girl nude bbs to have Mike Tomczak working over his armpits, nipples and crotch at the same time was simply awesome. Mike had dropped to his knees, stuffing as much bbssex sites of John's massive cock into his experienced mouth as he could, slobber dripping off his chin onto John's hairy bbs sex pre legs. As he suck John's cock, Mike reached up the jock's sweaty torso and pearl teen bbs pinched his huge nips, sending another wave of pleasure through the handsome quarterback's body. Kenny stood up, then pressed his cockhead against John's tight asshole. When he shoved the first 4 inches of his dick into John's butt, the force pushed the rest of Elway's 10 inch cock down Mike's throat. Tomczak darkangels bbs sven gagged and pulled off the horse dick, but immediately went back down, engulfing the entire shaft, burying his nose in nudist bbs share pic John'' thick sick young bbs tgp pubes.It wasn't long before John was screaming from the torment his body was taking -- Kenny fucking him from behind and Mike deepthroating his shaft and stroking his hairy legs. It was simply too much for the tall jock beam to bbs to handle, and he yelled bbs free teen at his buddies that he was about to shoot. Mike pulled off John's cock and jerked it in his wet fist, pulling the foreskin back then over the cockhead again and again and again. He could feel the massive prick swell up even more, then a blast of cum sprayed Mike's face and hair, then still more shot nubile sex bbs out as Tomczak aimed it at his chest, his crotch, and his mouth. Mike loved the taste of John's load, and he savored the warm cream as it squirted down his throat. Behind John, Kenny pulled his dick out of John's ass, young movie bbs forum moved preview bbs girls so he was in front of Mike, and shot his second load of the afternoon in Mike's face and on his chest.The three jocks stood together, embracing and kissing, licking the cum from each 14 yo naked bbs other's faces, hair, chests, and hands, their cocks still amazingly hard. The smell in the room was overpowering. As they finished eating their loads, they kissed each other, tongues training jock saliva over beard stubbles, hands stroking sweaty torsos and still throbbing dicks. "I bbs topkds love you both. I hope you know that," John lol sex bbs said, as he looked both men in the eyes, tears welling up in his own. "I love you too, John," said Kenny as he kissed the Denver star on the lips. "God, this is so fucking hot. You two are awesome!," said Mike, tears flowing down his cheeks.The noise from outside the door drew their attention, and the three guys held hands, then walked out of the room. Greeting them was an incredible scene in the hallway: Doug Flutie in the middle of a 3-way, sucking college quarterback Joe Germaine's hard dick while getting plowed by Danny Wuerffel. The three were yelling at each other, sweat pouring off their hairy jock bodies. Joe's hands were behind his head as he tongued his raunchy pits and face-fucked the handsome Buffalo star. Joe was incredibly hot, his young body at its prime, and his cock throbbing with energy. He had known he was gay since he was a senior in high school, but he had only started getting it on with other guys in the last two years. He quickly realized how much he had been missing, and vowed to make up for as much as he could. When Mike had visited the team last year, bbs dark girl Joe spent the night with him, and the two had had incredible sex.Joe's experiences bbs canada up to that time had been mostly jerking off and sucking his buddies, with only an underground pedo bbs stories occasional fuck, and he himself had never been fucked. Mike changed that -- forever. Joe found he couldn't get enough cock. In his hand, in his mouth, up his ass. It didn't matter tiny bbs rompl how or where. He was in love with cock. The more angel teen bbs thumbs the better. The bigger the better. The harder the better.The next week, Joe had made it with several guys on the team, and he bottomed for all of them. His ass was on fire, and he couldn't get enough cock. Teammates Mike Vrabel and Matt pedo story bbs Finkes took turns one night filling Joe's butt and mouth, until he had drained them completely dry. He was insatiable. Now here he board bbs teen was at his first Q Club party, finding out that other guys were just as hungry for cock as he was. He bbs great fed Doug Flutie his throbbing college cock and watched as Danny fucked Doug's hairy butt. He had first met small bbs sex Danny a year earlier and was surprised the sexy young jock was gay. Everything he had read about him said he was a "nice Christian boy", but Danny had proved that wrong after he spent an entire day with Joe and Peyton Manning, sucking, fucking, kissing, and getting off any way he could.Danny grunted with each thrust of his cock into Doug's well-used asshole. He raised an arm above his head and tongued a raunchy jock armpit, savoring the taste and smell of NFL sweat. His hairy balls slapped against Doug's butt with each stroke and he look at Joe, one of his favorite asshole buddies, only to see Joe staring at him. Joe mouth the words "I love you", and Danny replied with "I love you, too, baby." Joe smiled, pulled his cock out of Doug's mouth, crawled to Danny, and stood up, his throbbing dick inches from Wuerffel's mouth. Danny wasted no time going down on Joe, and Germaine watched as his boner disappeared in Danny's talented cocksucking mouth.It was then that Doug pulled himself off Danny's cock, stood up, and moved behind Joe. Before the college jock could react to the sensation of Flutie's hairy body against his backside, bbs fozya young Joe felt Doug's hard shaft penetrate his asshole. Moaning loudly, Joe opened up and allowed all of Doug's 8 inches to slide in. The two started trash talking, and Joe face fucked Danny as he took Doug's cock from behind. The threesome were a mass of sweat, muscle, and hair, sucking and fucking like crazy. It was Doug who came first, pulling his cock out of Joe's hot ass and fisting his uncut prick. His balls let loose, and a geyser of Flutie cream squirted over Joe's hairy butt and his back. More and more jism sprayed, with much of it dribbling down Germaine's hairy college jock legs.Then it was Joe's turn, and he hosed Danny's gorgeous face and hair with at least a quart of young stud juice. Danny stroked Joe's legs as his buddy shot off, then stuffed the still-shooting cock into his mouth and swallowed the rest of the college stud's load. When Joe had finished, he and Doug pushed Danny onto his back and took turns swallowing ls bbs teen the Saints star's thick meat. Within seconds, Danny was moaning loudly, and soon his cock unleashed a spray of cum, coating both Doug and Joe's handsome faces. bbs nude magazin The hot Heisman winner pulled his buddies up, and the three kissed hard, trading jock saliva and running their cum-dripping hands over bbs lol porn imgboard bbs dark models each other's hard bodies.Watching this had illegal pedo tgp bbs gotten Mike hard again, and he decided fre bbs cp to see what else was going on in the house. Walking into daddys bbs the living room, he found a major orgy going on. Steve Young was on his back, his hairy legs spread wide, begging to be fucked harder. Mike couldn't see who was plowing Steve's butt, so he walked around until he saw who it was. His balls churned when he recognized Boomer Esiason, the hairy blond with the great bod, pummeling Young's ass. He watched as Boomer leaned forward, kissing Steve, then moving to his armpits, licking the soaked hair, then fastening his lips on Steve's nipples. Boomer's large hairy balls slapped against Steve's butt as his long, hard cock punched the 49er's prostate. Beside them stood Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf in a tight embrace, their hands roaming over their young jock bodies. Both boys had throbbing erections, pressing against their buddy's hairy stomach, drooling precum all over their crotches. Ryan moaned as Peyton shoved two fingers up horny child models bbs his ass, then chewed on one of Ryan's sensitive nips, causing the hot stud to cry out in pain. He reacted by pushing Peyton to the floor, spreading his blond legs, lo bbs best sites and penetrating his horny butt with a throbbingly hard cock. Now it was Peyton's turn to cry out, pree little bbs kids and he did just that. "Oh max bbs adult FUUUUUUCCKK! Christ! Oh YEAH! Fuck me, Ryan, yeah FUCK MEEE!" He wrapped his legs around Ryan's sweaty torso and opened his asshole as much as he could. Ryan fucked like crazy, overcome with ukraine underground pics bbs pure lust, sweat pouring off bd sister pictures bbs his face onto Peyton's own sweat-soaked body.Tomczak fisted his hard cock as we watched the two young studs going at it, then glanced over to paradise bbs pedo see Steve and Boomer innocent angels bbs links still making passionate love. He couldn't believe how hot both couples were! He was abruptly awakened from his daze by the doorbell. Quickly, Mike ran to the foyer, grabbed russian teen movie bbs a discarded pair of gym shorts, pulled them on over his erection, and opened the door. His surprise turned to joy as he saw bbs lol porno the two non-quarterbacks he had invited -- Mike Vrabel and Mark Chmura. Mike was a second-year Steeler stud, while Chmura was an all-star from the Packers. When they saw Mike, covered in sweat, his shorts tenting out obscenely, Mark nude girl bbs said "Can we come in, or do we have to stand out here staring at your hardon?" Mike laughed and invited the two studs in. No sooner had Mike closed the door, than both jocks were stripping off their clothes, their gorgeous, super hairy bodies ready for action, both men's cocks standing at attention.Vrabel yanked Tomczak's shorts down, and soon the three hunks were all over each other, kissing, licking, stroking, pinching, yoda bbs xxx biting, sucking, and probing. Between the two hairy jocks, Mike was bbs lol gallery in heaven. Vrabel and Chmura made love to the older jock, Vrabel sucking Tomczak's big cock, and Chmura rubbing his own erection in Tomczak's hairy crack. Mike turned his head around and met Chmura's lips, and the two handsome studs kissed hard, their tongues traded saliva, and all three moaned with joy.The weekend dee desi bbs was still young. Who knew what was yet to happen?To Be Continued... kidz bbs galleries
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